Sunday, August 17, 2008

Some more good reviews!

Here's extracts from another couple of good reviews for The Case of the Diamond Shadow..
The first one is from The Reading Stack,

'The Case of the Diamond Shadow is a wonderfully entertaining detective story with one of the best endings I have read for a long time. Not only is it exciting but the twists and turns will keep young readers guessing all the way!'

The second one is from the YARA site, on which young readers review books: ( The review is by 12 year old Ronja, from Canberra:
'I found this book amazing! I couldn't stop reading it until I had finished it end from end! I would recommend it to detective lovers and those who enjoy reading mysteries.'



40 Something Dad said...

Hi Sophie

My boy Sam recently brought home "The Shadow" from your visit to his School here in Armidale. I read a few pages (on the loo, as you do!!) and fell right into the story, (finished it at 1am that morning.) Wonderful multilevel meanings throughout. My wife is now reading this book to our 10 year old daughter and 12 year old son when we are traveling in the car. We are all loving it. Well done on writing a book that appeals so broadly across age groups.

SANDY said...

The guys at The Reading Stack loved The Case of the Diamond Shadow - we passed it around. There was a bit of an argument about who got to to review it - such a great cover. Thanks for mentioning our web site. We're keen to promote Aussie books.