Thursday, July 3, 2008

The first review!

The Case of the Diamond Shadow has just come out into the shops this week: and so has the first review. It's a beauty: Annette Dale-Meiklejohn's terrific review in the latest Magpies Magazine, July 2008.

Here's some of what she says:

'The Case of the Diamond Shadow can be read and enjoyed on many levels: there will be less sophisticated readers in upper primary who will enjoy it solely for the mystery and adventure elements while more sophisticated readers will also enjoy the sly humour of Woodley-Foxe's self-aggrandisement and the many references to popular culture of the second quarter of the twentieth century woven through the text. As an adult reader, I found the book most entertaining and very much enjoyed the 'aha!' moments as I connected characters and situations with people and events of the era. By the same token, it is also a well-written mystery that engages the reader in trying to work out just whodunit.'

Ain't that grand!

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